Easy Gigs To Sell On Fiverr

I know that you want to success, at least that’s what I expect from you if you’re reading this. I also know that you want to make money from home. Well, me too and that’s why I’m always looking for new opportunities. If you follow this blog, then you know that I really like Fiverr.

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Today I want to help you get started on Fiverr, so I’ll give you a few ideas of gigs that you can do it, even if you think that you don’t have any skills that can be sold to others.

Easy Gigs To Sell On Fiverr

You don’t need to be an expert at anything to actually do it. Let me start by telling you that even if you have never done it before, you can create a logo. You might think that you can’t but the truth is, yes you can and I’ll show you how.

I didn’t ever think that I can create logos, but then I found a way to do it, and now whenever I need a logo, I create it myself. If I wanted to, I could create logos and sell them on Fiverr and other similar websites like Remote, Freelancer or Upwork.

Here’s how I found a way to create a logo even if I knew nothing about creating logos.

I made a quick searched on Google and I found Canva. This is a really cool website that helps you to create logos, headers, book covers, business cards and much more, all for free. The prove to that is that I created 3 logos in just a few minutes. I could do a lot better with a bit more time but I just wanted to show you that is really easy to use Canva.

If I can do it, you definitely can too, so go ahead and get creative because once you try it, you’ll realise that you can actually sell lots of different gigs on Fiverr.

1. Create Logos

Use Canva to create logos and sell them on Fiverr.

Below is an example of gigs that other sellers have available on Fiverr.

Create Logos

As you can see you’ll get paid at least £3.83 for a 5 or 10 minutes of work. In my opinion this is a go, so don’t waste your time and get started. If you have any questions I’m very happy to help you, just contact me.

2. Video Testemonial

This might be scary, especially if you’re shy, but believe me, this is a great gig because companies want new faces for their testimonials and you’re just starting, which makes you perfect for the job.

Easy Gigs To Sell On Fiverr

All you need is a phone with a good camera to record your video testimonial. Of course you can go a step forward and record with a professional camera, but it’s really not necessary.

TOP TIP – Go to Fiverr and spy on similar gigs. Create your own gig based on what others are doing.

Why should you do video testimonials on Fiverr?

  • Companies are the time looking for great reviews and testimonials about their services and products and usually this costs quite a lot of money. On Fiverr companies can work with amateurs, which is better for them because you’ll not charge a £1000 for a short amateur video. It’s a win-win.
  • If you’re new on Fiverr, your changes of being hired to do a video testimonial are actually better than someone has great reviews and has sold this same gig over 500 times. Why? Because companies want testimonials from new faces, not from faces that already are all over the internet and you’re a new face.
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NOTE – If you’re not comfortable doing video testimonials about certain products or services, tell your potential buyers in advance. To avoid negative ratings, you can add a note to the description of your gig asking the buyer to contact you before making an order.

I hope that this blog post has somehow inspired you to get started on Fiverr. I really think that this on of the best places to start your online business. If you have some spare time and need some extra money I’d say that Fiverr is the perfect place to get started.

Did I miss any other easy gig ideas? Please let me know on the comments below and I might update this post with a few more easy gigs.

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