Make the internet a better place!

It’s 00:26 AM am I’m sitting in my bed, in the dark and sure thing, I’m not sleeping, in fact I’m well awake. The only source of light is coming from my laptop, which I’m using because I’m learning how to make the internet a better place.

There’s a ton of different opportunities to make money online and I’ve been reading a lot about some of them. The more I read the more I learn and that’s what I love about internet. It’s full of great stuff, all you need to do is to be willing to learn with who is already making money online.

How to make a million pounds in less than a year!

I’ve just been watching a video for over an hour made by @viperchill explaining how he made over £1.000.000 in just one year. Isn’t that awesome? Who shares his secrets for free? He must be a really cool guy, I’m sure. Glen Allsopp makes tons of money creating niche sites, ranking them on Google for specific keyword and them renting them to big companies that are paying for Google Ads for those same keywords. What a strategy. Like another great guy says all the time, this is totally awesome.

Make the internet a better place!

I need to share with you the reason why this post is called Make The Internet a Better Place. For the past three or four days I’ve been listening and watching @patflynn, the creator of Smart Passive Income and the guy that says “totally awesome” all the time.

This man is incredible. He creates content about making money online, he has a podcast and even runs a YouTube channel. The best part is that every single time that I read one of his articles, listen to an episode of his podcast or watch one if his videos, I learn a lot. I can’t even count how many Blogging & SEO tools I found through him in the past few days. In fact, I found @viperchill today, when I was listening to one of the episodes of his podcast.

Totally awesome.

I’ve learned so much already and I’m so excited to get my online business going that I literally can’t sleep. I can’t thank them enough.

Here’s a list of tools and cool stuff that I’ve learned in the past few days:

Create Good Quality Content

One of the most important things for a blog to succeed is its content. If the content of your blog isn’t good you’ll probably find it very hard to make serious money with it. People will not come back for more. When you’re writing an article, please ask yourself if what you’re writing will make the internet a better place.

Do Keyword Research Before Writing a Blog Post

Pat Flynn mentioned this several times on just a few podcast episodes and the reason why is that when we write an article we want him to be found on search engines. For that to happen all we need to do is to find out which keywords are related to our article and at the same time have a high monthly search volume and low competition. You can use tools like Keyword Planner from AdWords or Keyword Tool.

Find content ideas with Answer The Public

Do you ever run out of content ideas? Answer The Public is a very cool tool that will come up with lots of ideas for new blog posts when you enter your keyword. Just give it a try. Also, is always good to write several posts about the same subject but with different keywords and this tool will definitely help you out.

Spy on competitors with SEMrush

If you want your blog to rank high on Google, there’s a trick that will help you achieve just that. You need to know what are your competitors doing. SEMrush is an excellent tool that I found through @viperchill. We just need to enter a domain name and the system will give us a full report about the website, including which keywords are they using and how well are they ranking on Google.

Use Upwork

Upwork is a website where you can find freelancers to help you get stuff done. Things like writing or editing articles, SEO improvement, website design or even social media management. You can also become a freelancer yourself and start making extra money online. It’s just like Fiverr but probably more professional.

These are all great tools if you’re into blogging and you want to make money online.

I need to disclose that I’m not really an expert but I want to learn everything I can about making money online and hopefully succeed in the future because I’ve always dreamed that one day I’ll be able to work exclusively from home.

Let me know of any other tools and tips for  better blogging and more importantly to make the internet a better place.

I’d feel great knowing that you took away with you something from this article. If you just had an idea for a new post, great. If you found a new tool to use, totally awesome.

Find me on Twitter for a quick chat and  we might even help each other.

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