15 Reasons to Create a Blog

When I started blogging, over 10 years ago, I didn’t really know what was blogging. I just saw that many people had their own blogs and they were writing about many topics of my interest. Now I understand that there are many reasons to create a blog and I’ll share them with you in this article.

What is a blog?

If you’re new in the blogging world you might have a lot of questions and I’ll try to answer to some of them on this article. However, if after reading this blog post you still have questions, you’re more than welcome to comments below and my next article might be an answer to your question.

But what is a blog? Basically a blog is a website where you write articles about whatever you want, this in very simple words. You can update your blog regularly, build an audience and interact with your readers. Your blog will be live and available to read all around the globe. People will start following you and admire your work.

Note: Writing a blog and just wait for readers to show up isn’t enough, you’ll need to promote your blog and your first step will be sharing your blog all over the internet. I recently wrote an article that tells you exactly where to share blog posts to increase your audience.

Reasons to Start a Blog

Like I said before, there are many reasons to create a blog. I will now list some of those reasons and hopefully convince you to start your own and unique blog. That’s right, unique. Every blog worldwide, every article, should be unique, don’t go around and copy articles from other bloggers, that’s not nice and just won’t work. You should always write your own articles and make them unique.

1. Build an Audience

Building an audience is just one of the reasons to create a blog. Every time you or a reader share one of your articles your audience will very likely increase. Make sure that you create very good titles to your articles and you’ll have great results.

2. Writing Skills

The more you write the better writer you’ll become. Blogging requires a lot of writing, of course, but also a lot of reading. You’ll research about the topics that you’re writing about and you’ll learn a lot from there. Therefore, your writing skills will also get better, with practice, a lot of practice.

3. Promote Yourself

Blogging gives you the opportunity to show the world your skills, your thoughts and most important of all, helps you to reach a larger audience that simply sharing your thoughts with your friends. You’ll have a chance to promote yourself to millions of blog readers around the world.

4. Meet New People

Your audience will connect with you by commenting on your articles or by sending you emails. You’ll meet new people along the way and eventually find new friends. We all know how hard is to make new friends nowadays but that is just because you are surrounded by people who has nothing to do with you. When you have a blog exposed to the world and you write frequently, you’ll attract readers that share your interests and eventually you’ll somehow connect with them.

5. Make Money

Not every blogger makes money with their blog but there’s a real opportunity for you to monetize your blog if you have one. All you have to do is read and learn how to do it. There are so many ways to make money with your blog that I really can’t tell you all of them with just a few sentences. However, I’ll just give you a few ideas about monetizing your blog. You can sell service or goods through your blog, you can have banner ads on strategic places on your blog or you can use affiliate programs, which will allow you to promote services and goods from other websites and in exchange you’ll receive a commission every time a sale is made.

6. Tell Your Story

A blog gives you the opportunity to share your story with the world. You’ll write about your own experiences and published them for everyone to read them. We all have interesting stories to tell but we just don’t know who wants to hear them. Blogging is the solution because all you have to do is write your story. The readers will visit your blog and choose whether they want or they don’t want read your story. If they do and they like it, they’ll probably tell you and interact with you.

7. Show Your Skills

This is one of the great reasons to create a blog because you’ll be able to show to everyone that you actually have a talent. Let’s say that you know a lot about fishing. Not everyone loves fishing and probably not your friends or family. Wouldn’t be nice to find people who will appreciate your knowledge and admire your blog posts about fishing? Definitely yes.

8. Learn While Blogging

I love the process of blogging exactly because I also love to learn. Every time that I have an idea to write my next article I search on Google for that same topic so that I can put together a plan and learn more about it. If I’ll write about how to start a blog in 5 minutes then I’ll search for that on Google and I’ll probably look into the first 10 results on Google about how to start a blog in 5 minutes. I’ll learn with others, I’ll find different options and I’ll create my article with a new alternative to create a blog in 5 minutes.

9. Inspire Others

This is actually the beautiful think about blogging. The opportunity to change lives will make you feel great. I’ll tell you a quick story. I suffer from Alopecia Areata and in the past I created a few videos about my disease because I felt that I needed to share my thoughts with other people who suffer from the same disease and the results of those videos were surprisingly incredible. The videos had thousands of views or maybe hundreds of thousands of views and hundreds of comments and emails from people saying thank you for sharing those videos with them – they say that I’ve helped them to turn their negative feelings into a more positive attitude. I had a follower texting me every single day for over a year just to say good morning or ask me how I was and that made me feel so special and so good.

10. You’ll Become More Confident

The more you write the more confident you’ll become about your writing skills and about whatever you write about on your blog. If you produce great quality content, people will start to know you as an expert in your field and you’ll for sure love that. Your confidence will increase and will change things on your daily life – at home, at work and in your relationships because you’ll be able to express yourself better than ever. You’ll win battles and arguments a lot easier than you ever did in the past.

11. Help People

I could tell a lot more reasons to create a blog but these are the most important reasons in my opinion. Helping people makes me feel so good. Whether on my blog or on a daily basis, helping people is one of my goals in life. People need inspiration and answers to their questions and that’s what you’ll give them when you blog, so start now and you’ll see that being a blogger is quite a journey.

12. Build Credibility

It’s very important to choose a niche for your blog. When you write over and over about the same topic, not saying always the same thing you’ll show that you’re actually an expert in your field and that will give you credibility. Your audience will trust you and believe in you. Your readers will take your opinions into account and possibly recommend your blog to their friends and family by sharing your articles on their social media.

13. Connect With People Like You

Finding people who share our own interests is not an easy job but if you create a blog and write about your topics of interest, you’ll attract people just like you they’ll very likely interact with you. You’ll meet new people and find new friends through your blog.

14. Blogging It’s Really Easy

Setting up a blog it’s not hard and write articles about what you love it’s actually easy. You’ll enjoy seeing work done and you’ll be proud of your blog every time that someone makes a positive comment. With time blogging becomes a hobby and I’m telling you – you’ll love it.

15. Blogging It’s Free

Blogging it’s free, yes and you can do a lot of things with a free blog. However, I would recommend that you create a blog with a WordPress hosting site, for example the one that I use, Bluehost ,which has costs associated but will also give a lot more flexibility and opportunities to monetize your blog.  [Full Disclosure: I’m a compensated adviser and an affiliate for Bluehost.]

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