Websites That Offer Remote Work

We both know that you’re here because you’re looking for a job online. In other words, a job that you can do it from home. I’ll save you a lot of time and I’ll list below the places where you should go to find remote work.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

You’ll be paid to do micro-jobs. These are small and easy tasks that require no special skills but computers can not do it. Some examples of the tasks available are watching videos, classifying images and writing descriptions. You’ll get paid a few cents for each task that you complete.

User Testing

This is great if you’re looking for remote work. You’ll make $10 for 20 minutes of work. All you need to do is review websites and occasionally you’ll also review mobile applications. Basically, you’ll be asked to navigate on a specific website following the instructions that the system gives you. Your screen will be recorded and your voice too, so you should make comments about the experience you’re having on the website.

Remote Work For Freelancers


This is probably the place where you should start because its great for beginners. Everybody can succeed here. There are plenty of ways to make money on this website and you’ll always be in control of how, when and what you do. The top rated users of Fiverr make over £3000 a month selling gigs. I wrote an article that explains how to Start Making Money On Fiverr, so you might want to read it.


Upwork is a fantastic website for freelancers. You can actually run a full-time business just working with Upwork. When you join, you’ll have a huge variety of jobs available and all you have to do is to submit proposal for your chosen job. If you’re good you’ll probably get hired. Some companies will pay you over a £1000 for just one job.


This is another great website for freelancers. There are over 25 million employers and freelancers registered on Freelancer. To get started, create a good profile. Search and bid on projects that you want to work on.


Toptal is the website for the best freelancers in the world. Specially for web developers and software engineers. This is not a website for beginners. Is not easy to get started on Toptal but if you do, you’ll probably have great projects to work on.


Guru is also a website for freelancers. Here you’ll find jobs like admin support, writing and translation. Guru paid over $200 million to freelancers so far. I’d say that is a good place to start as a part-time freelancer.


As the name can tell, 99Designs is a website for graphic design freelancers. It works differently than most of the freelancing websites because you’ll be basically entering competitions. This means that companies will, for instance, ask for a design for a t-shirt, you’ll enter with your design but get paid only if you win the competition.

People Per Hour

This is another website for freelancers. The great think about this website is that is really easy to get started. You can also list services that you’re willing to provide with a description and fixed price, so that the sellers can buy a service from you without you having to go look for the available jobs.

Disclaimer: I’m a compensated affiliate for some websites that I recommended above. If you feel like the information I gave has value to you, feel free to visit the websites through my links.

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