Tips to Make Money Selling on eBay in 2017

Let’s start by saying that everyone knows eBay. Yes, that’s right, and that’s why start selling on eBay it’s a great idea if you want some easy cash on your pockets. Everyone can do this and you don’t need to be an expert in sales or be a tech geek.

It’s really easy to sell items on eBay. All you need to do is sign up for an account and start listing your products. You can do it from your computer or download their app, which is really easy to use.

Selling on Ebay

Interesting eBay Facts

  • Operates in over 30 countries.
  • Has a customer base of over 233 million people.
  • UK is the country that most uses eBay.
  • Just in UK, 19 million people uses eBay every month.

Bestsellers on eBay

Some of the  things that you can sell on eBay are:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Video Games
  • Women’s Dresses
  • Fine Jewellery
  • Watches
  • Construction Toys & Kits
  • Cycling Related Items
  • Antique Furniture

Selling on eBay for Beginners

NOTE – If you’re already familiar with eBay please ignore the following paragraphs. This is an article for beginners and I don’t wanna waste your time. Alternatively, you can check my others ways of making money from home.

Start By Buying Some Items

I know that you want to make money, not spend money. However, it’s important that you learn how eBay works before you become a seller. There are important things like reviews, feedback rating, postage costs, payment methods, communication and you should be familiarised with all these before you start selling on eBay.

You need to build up a positive feedback rating before you start selling because buyers don’t like to buy from sellers without feedback or even worst, sellers with a low feedback rating. If you manage to have 5 starts feedback rating, buyers will more be more likely to trust you.

Sell Your Old Stuff

You’d be surprised with the unimaginable things that people buy on eBay. Whatever you have laying around the house, believe me, you can sell it on eBay. I’ve seen things like empty bottles of water, a single corn flake, a ghost in a jar and even a human liver.  Do you believe now? You can sell absolutely everything on eBay.

Let’s say that you have an old vacuum and you need to buy a new one. You could sell the old one for parts because there are people that can’t afford buying a new vacuum, instead they buy parts to fix their old one.

Do you have too many books? I’m sure that some of them haven’t been touched in years. Sell those on eBay because what’s not good for you might be a treasure for others.

There Are Cost Associated With Selling On eBay

You can list 20 items for free every month, sometimes more. You’ll be able to see your promotional offers on your seller account dashboard. Below is an example of those offers.

Selling on eBay

You’ll be charged 2 fees for basic listings:

  1. Insertion fee: usually you pay £0.35 per item at any starting price but remember that you’ll not pay for the first 20 items that you list.
  2. Final value fee: When an item sells you have to pay usually 10% of the final  sale price, including postage. The final value fee is capped at £250.

You’ll also pay fees to PayPal if the buyer choose this payment method. You’ll pay 3.4% of the total sale price plus £0.20 per each transaction.

Describe Your Items Accurately

You want your buyers to be satisfied with the information that you provide. Be very accurate and never lie about the condition of the item that you’re selling. If there’s something wrong with your item, even if it’s a minor scratch on a mobile phone or a missing part of your vacuum, make sure that you always disclose that on the description of the item that you’re selling. Unhappy customers will definitely leave a negative feedback on your seller profile and that will be visible to everyone on eBay, putting your credibility at risk.

EXTRA TIP – Check the description of items already sold on eBay that are similar to yours using the advanced research tool (tick the sold items box).

Take Good Pictures

Buyers want to see exactly what they’re buying and a good picture will help the buyer to make a decision on whether buy it or not. Would you buy anything at all on eBay if you can’t see what you’re buying? Well, you’re not the only one. Make sure that you take several good quality pictures and add them to the description of what you’re selling. Nowadays, most on the smartphones have good rear cameras, which make it easier for you.

EXTRA TIP – When you take your pictures take advantage of natural lighting. This way your pictures will look a lot better, believe me.

Usually you can add up to 12 pics to each listing for free so that you can take pictures from different perspectives and some macro pics of any scratches or damaged parts of your items.

Answer To Your Potential Buyers Questions

Often buyers will send you questions about your listings and you should always do your best to answering them professionally. Show that you take your eBay sales activity as a business by being helpful and polite. If you clarify your potential customer and do it quickly, the chances that he buys from you will definitely increase.

Pay Attention With The Posting Charges

Remember that you’ll need to post your items to the buyers addresses. Before you list an item take into consideration how much it’ll cost you to post that item and always add the cost of postage on your listing, unless you offer free postage. If you’re selling small items and under 2kg you’ll probably be alright using Royal Mail but for big and bulky items I recommend that you check first how much other couriers would charge.

Now that you know the basics for selling on eBay I wish you the best of luck. In the future I’ll give you more tips to make money with eBay but in the meantime, if you have any questions contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

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