Where should we share blog posts to increase traffic to our blog in 2017?

If you don’t have a blog you should consider creating one because I can easily give you 15 reasons to create a blog. In the other hand, if you already have a blog, congratulations, because that’s great. You should be proud of your work and sure thing you want people to read your articles, many people. To increase the number of people reading your work, there’s something you need to do – Share Blog Posts. That’s it, all you have to do is share your blog posts on many social platforms and soon enough you’ll see positive results.

Where to share blog posts?

1. Instagram

Instagram is trending and you know it. Share a picture related to your blog post on Instagram, add a great description using hashtags and add the link to your blog post on your Instagram profile. Make sure you write on the description that the link to the blog post is on your profile.

2. Pinterest

#Pinterest is a great #advertising tool. Click To Tweet It’s really easy to set up an account and even easier to add all the images from your blog posts to your Pinterest account. The images will be linked to your article and that means that when someone clicks on of the images of your Pinterest account will be redirected to your blog.

3. LinkedIn

I love LinkedIn. It’s full of interesting people looking for new opportunities. They are probably the type of people who you want to attract to your blog. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, now is the right time to set up one. LinkedIn is like a business card and an online CV nowadays.

4. Flipboard

Flipboard lets you create a magazine online (you can see mine here) and share all your blog posts on that same magazine. It has a very interesting interactive layout. It’s the perfect place to share blog posts and find inspiration for new ones.

5. Facebook

What should I say about Facebook? We all know that most of the people spend hours on Facebook on a daily basis. If people spend time there, then your blog posts should be there too. Try sharing your posts on your timeline, groups or create a Facebook page for your blog.

6. Twitter

Twitter has over 300 million active users every month, which makes it the ninth biggest social platform in the world. People love to read titles and ignore the little words and that’s why Twitter is good. Each entry can have a maximum of  140 characters, which is like a long title. Get your posts on Twitter to find new readers to your blog.

7. Medium

I just found this website and let me tell you, it’s very promising. Medium lets you republish your blog post in just a few clicks.

I’ll update this post to add more social platforms, just tell me what’s missing here in the comments bellow.

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