How to work online at home and get paid?

Friends and colleagues ask me all the time how to work online at home and get paid and I never know what to tell them. There are so many possibilities that I just don’t know what to recommend. I guess that different jobs are good for different people.

What is really important is the fact that there are real jobs online. You can believe me. I know of people making a 6 or even 7 figure monthly income working exclusively online.

Maybe you’re surprised or thinking that is not possible but I can assure you that its true.

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I’ll tell you how to work online at home and get paid!

This is a list of ideas that will help you to get started on the world of making money online. I may receive a small commission when you sign up for one of this services at no extra cost for you. Actually, you can sign up for free on most of the following websites.

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1. Start Work As Freelancer

Freelancing could a hobby to help you make some extra cash or depending on your skills can become a full-time career. As a freelancer you can work in almost any field but here we want jobs that you can do it online.  You can for example work as web designer, writer, virtual assistant or social media manager.

There are websites where you can register to find or promote freelancer jobs. The most trusted sites are People Per Hour, Freelancer, GuruUpwork, Remote and Fiverr.

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2. Sell Stuff Online

Selling your old clothes or electronics can turn out to very rewarding. People buy everything because what’s not good for you could be a treasure for someone else. Try to sell on eBay and Amazon. Alternatively you can sell on Facebook Groups, Gumtree or Etsy.

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