About Me

David Oliveira

Hi there, my name is David Oliveira.

I’m the author and the creator of this blog!

Let me start by thanking you for being here and for reading my blog. It’s a privilege knowing that people from all around the world reads and follows my blog. I’m not a professional blogger but I really enjoy writing and providing information to others.

What can I tell you about me?

I’m 28 years old and I’m originally from Portugal, where I lived until my 20th birthday. Then I moved to the UK, where I met my partner and together we had 2 boys, who are now 4 and 2 years old.

I currently work at McDonald’s, Avon and of course I’m also a blogger. Working from home is one of my life goals and for that reason, I’m always looking for ways to make online, which I actually do, quite a bit. I do some freelancing too and use affiliate marketing to monetize my websites and blogs.

The other thing I can tell you about me is that I recently enrolled in a course at the Open University and I’m loving it. I’ll do a degree in Business Management and hopefully, one day I’ll have a good job is some nice and hot country.

How did I become a blogger?

I always loved writing. I was very young when I first started. First on notebooks, then diaries and even typewriters. When my godfather gave my first computer, I stopped using pens and pencils and started writing everything on my PC.

I was very lucky because my parents gave me access to the internet when I was still very young (about 12 I think) and that was when I started spending time researching. I used to research about everything, random topics really. The result would always be a text on Microsoft World with my opinions and thoughts about my researches.

One day I came across someone’s blog and that was when I had an idea that changed my life. I thought that start sharing my texts with others would be more useful than keeping them for me. I joined hi5.com and used it as a blog. Since then, I created and deleted many different blogs, which I don’t really recommend doing it but we learn from our own mistakes isn’t it?

Well, this is my latest blog and hopefully will last many years. I’m really proud of what I’ve done so far here at olidavid.com and you are the reason I keep writing, so thank you again.

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