Best Toys & Gift Ideas For 5 Year Old Boys

Finding toys for 5 year old boys can be challenging. They do not want toddler toys anymore. Instead, they want toys for older boys. They want to feel that their smart and independents. They love to learn and explore, and their energy never ends. You will have to find toys that are challenging and interesting enough for them.

I did some research and found some toys that you might like it. This article is a like a little gift guide. I hope you enjoy it.

Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

I am a huge fan of Amazon. In fact, I do most of my online shopping through Amazon. You can find everything there, including the selected toys below. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you’ll also get free delivery in 48 hours. There’s a free trial available for you for 30 days, if you do not like it, just cancel your subscription, and you will never pay a penny.

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Take Apart Toy Racing Car

Fuel your child’s imagination with one of the best take apart construction toys you can buy and keep curious minds engaged with the improved Take Apart Toy Racing Car Kit.

Budding engineers and those who are mad about four wheels will have hours of fun building their racing car, which once built can be taken entirely apart and constructed all over again.

This is available on Amazon for only £19.99.

My Living World Bug Safari

Everything that the budding naturalist needs to catch, study and identify mini-beasts in gardens, parks, and countryside. Your 5 year old boy will love it.

Available on Amazon for just over £11. Can you believe it?

My First Science Game

Brainbox My First Science is a fun way to help younger children with early science concepts, covering areas such as plants, animals, habitats, and materials.

You can get it for only £11.99 on Amazon.

Kids Watch For Boys

When boys are 5 years old is very important that your child feel responsible and confident. Giving him a watch will help him to feel like a grown-up boy.

You can get it for only £7.99 on Amazon.

Intelligence Educational Magnetic Stick Toy

This is a super cool toy/game. Your kid will stay playing with this magnetic sticks to build the shapes and forms that they are learning in school.

Get it from Amazon for £19.99.

Boys with 5 years old are eager to learn and explore new things. Try not to let them stay watching TV for long periods and please control their use of tablets, phones, and computers. It is a much better option to give them toys that engage with them and take them for walks and playgrounds. You can also try to find some sports classes for them to keep them fit and help them release their excessive energy.

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